English Language Certification for Young Learners


UCERT in collaboration with the British Awarding Body TCS is happy to announce the creation of a series of innovative English Language certifications, specifically made for young learners. This is a highly creative series of certificates, which perfectly corresponds to the demands of each level, taking into consideration the age of the candidates. Featuring colourful illustrations, this series manages to make the examination process more pleasant.

The Jungle Kings Series exclusively addresses young learners and it is comprised of three levels. The first two, Level 1 – Jungle Kings Cubs and Level 2 – Jungle kings Hunters, correspond to the junior classes, whereas Level 3 – Jungle Kings Masters corresponds to pre-A1 Level.

UCERT | Πιστοποίηση Αγγλικών για Παιδιά - Jungle Kings - Cubs
Jungle Kings - Cubs
UCERT | Πιστοποίηση Αγγλικών για Παιδιά - Jungle Kings - Hunters
Jungle Kings - Hunters
UCERT | Πιστοποίηση Αγγλικών για Παιδιά - Jungle Kings - Masters
Jungle Kings - Masters

Pixel Woods and Pixel World correspond to A1 and A2 levels of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) respectively and address candidates over 7 years of age. They are designed in a way that motivates learners to improve their skills and familiarise themselves with the examination process.

UCERT | Πιστοποίηση Αγγλικών για Παιδιά - The Pixel Woods
The Pixel Woods
UCERT | Πιστοποίηση Αγγλικών για Παιδιά - The Pixel World
The Pixel World


The main benefits of a candidate’s participation in the TCS YLE are presented below:

  • They are certified by TCS, a valid and world renowned British Certification and Education Body.
  • They are specifically designed to address Young Learners and their needs.
  • All 4 language modules are assessed, depending on the level*.
  • They familiarise Young Learners with the English Language through a motivating and entertaining examination while also boosting their sense of achievement.
  • They can be conducted in multiple examinations throughout the academic year.
  • They help students overcome the stress created by the examination process since they can be conducted in Certified Examination Centres by the teachers of the candidates. This way, unnecessary commute to and from the examination centre and contact with unfamiliar examiners, that may cause additional stress to young learners, can be avoided.
  • The examinations are friendly both for the candidates and the teachers since they require little preparation.
  • The examination material is specifically designed for children and appropriate for the interests of young learners.
  • Finally, they highlight the quality of the education provided by the Foreign Language centre, with examinations based on the criteria of a recognised Certification and Education Body.

*A Speaking assessment is not conducted for Level 1 – Jungle Kings Cubs and Level 2 – Jungle kings Hunters