Certification of Natural Persons

Standard Office User

The establishment of an institutional framework concerning Public Sector recruitments by the means of ASEP contexts, created the need of obtaining Computer Knowledge or Computer Operation Certificates, which enable the holder to participate in the specific contests. The Standard Office Certificate is recognized by E.O.P.P.E.P., accepted by A.S.E.P. and can be used for recruitment or any modification on the Greek Public Sector. Its accreditation by E.SY.D, according to the international  ISO/IEC 17024:2012 standard renders it as a widely accepted certificate in the European Union and in all countries that have adopted international certification standards. By obtaining the Standard Office User Certificate, the holder demonstrates their Basic Level Microsoft Office Automation Package knowledge.

It consists of any combination of the modules demonstrated below:

  • General Use of PC and File Management
  • Word Processing
  • Spreadsheets
  • Internet Services
  • Databases
  • Presentations
  • UCERT Blended 1 | Word Processing - Spreadsheets - Internet Services
  • UCERT Blended 2 | General Use of PC and File Management - Databases - Presentations

UCERT has developed a specific certification scheme which enables a specific module examination (Text editing -Spreadsheets-Internet Services) in just one examination period, best suited for candidates who seek to obtain an ASEP recognized certification quicker. After the successful completion of this specific examination, candidates can gain certifications on the remaining modules in a single examination period.