Certifications of Natural Persons


UCERT Certification is an essential asset for every employee’s CV or for anyone seeking to work on the private sector. It is a valuable tool for undergrads and students, as well as for all professionals who opt in favor of a more thorough knowledge and a greater ease in the use of modern technological tools. Read more about UCERTs’ Certificates.

UCERT | Πιστοποίηση Φυσικών Προσώπων - STANDARD OFFICE USER
The establishment of an institutional framework concerning Public Sector recruitments by the means of ASEP contexts, created the need of obtaining Computer Knowledge or Computer Operation Certificates, which enable the holder to participate in the specific contests.
UCERT | Πιστοποίηση Φυσικών Προσώπων - ADVANCED OFFICE USER
The expansion of the environment in which businesses operate, as a direct result of globalization, has brought to light the need to staff companies with personnel who will possess advanced skills, meeting more effectively and efficiently the increasing demands of their professional daily life.
By obtaining the specific certificate, the holder meets the minimum requirements to participate in ASEP contests, while, at the same time being able to efficiently cope with more demanding tasks of their professional daily life due to their profound knowledge of the Microsoft Office automation package for offices.
UCERT | Πιστοποίηση Φυσικών Προσώπων - ENHANCED ICT USER
The UCERT Enhanced ICT User Certificate is an essential asset for those who seek to enrich their CV with a competitive advantage in the current job market.
UCERT | Πιστοποιητικό UCERT | Specialized Professional User
The Specialized Professional User Certificate belongs in the Advanced Knowledge and Skills Certificates category and it covers a plethora of modules and thematic areas.