Candidates’ Obligations

For Participation in a Certification Exam

  • Arrival time at the Examinations Centre: at least thirty (30) minutes prior to the beginning of the certification examination.
  • After the examination has begun, candidates are not permitted to enter the examination area.
  • The necessary documents for each candidates’ participation in the examination are the following: the certification card and the original of the identity card they had shown, as well as a photocopy of which they had submitted with the certification application.
  • Items permitted in the examination area: thermos/ bottle of water or refreshment.
  • Items not permitted in the examination area: any type of electronic storage media (i.e. detachable USB drives) and any type of image/ sound/ video recording devices (i.e. cameras). If permitted by the examinations’ supervisors any type of telecommunication devices (i.e. mobile phones), are allowed inside the examination area, but only in disabled function/turned off. It is up to the supervisors to seize the devices for as long as the examination of their owners lasts.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the examination area. Temporary smoking breaks from the examination area are not permitted for candidates, during the examination. It is noted that prior the beginning or in between examinations of two modules, smoking is permitted within the special area provided by the examination centre or outside the examination centre.

During the Certification Examination

The candidates’ behavior during the examination should be governed by the well-known rules of discipline and decency. They must immediately comply with any instructions and recommendations from the supervisors. Failure to follow the above may even result in their exclusion from the examination, which is considered a failure and is scored with zero (0).

Activating and using of telecommunication devices (i.e. mobile phones) that they possess is prohibited, if they have not been seized by the supervisors, for the entire length of the examination.

When cheating of answers or actions / methods occurs and generally prevention of the smooth conduct of examination and alteration of the results are perceived, people who committed this are excluded from the examination, which is considered unsuccessful and marked with zero (0).

The temporary exit of any candidate from the examination area without the permission of the supervisors is prohibited, while the examination is in progress. For their stay outside the examination area, they must be accompanied by a supervisor for the entire time.

Candidates are prohibited to stay in the examination area after the conclusion of their examination.

Use of the Certificate

The Certificates of Knowledge and Skills issued by the Awarding Body and the copies resulting from them, can be used exclusively to prove the level of knowledge, skills and / or abilities of the certified natural person, as documented in the certificate. Certificates can be used in any legal occasion that requires formal certification proof on a specific cognitive item.

Obligations of Certificate Holders

The certified natural person is obliged to:

  • Declare that they hold a certificate, which will be displayed only for the modules for which they have been certified,
  • Not use the certificate and not make any statement regarding the certification in a way that could be construed as misleading,
  • Immediately cease all use and reference to the certificate if it suspended for any reason,
  • Return immediately to the Awarding Body any certification document, if the issued certificate is revoked for any reason,
  • Comply with the requirements of the General Regulation for the Certification of Natural Persons

Improper use of the certificate – Revocation

Irregular use of the certificates can be detected either by the Body or by any interested party, after a signed submission to the Body of any clarifying information that will help form a comprehensive opinion on the matter.

As improper use can be considered any occasion regarding:

  • Non-compliance with all relevant settings of the certification system,
  • Reference of the certificate for proof of knowledge, skills and / or abilities outside the scope of the certification granted,
  • Use of the certificate in such a way as to affect the Body’s reputation
  • Submission of a statement by the certified person concerning his certification, which the Body may consider either misleading or illegal and
  • Use of the certificate or part of it in a way that generates false conclusions.

On such occasions, the Body may proceed to the revocation of the Certificate and at the same time to exercise legal measures.

On any occasion of improper use of certificates publication takes place at least on the Body’s website and where required, in media, printed or not.