Candidates’ Rights

Candidates’ Rights

  • Submission of the certification application to any Certified Examination Centre of UCERT Awarding Body.
  • Participation in any available certification examination of any UCERTs’ Certified Examination Centre.
  • Ability to participate in a “simulation test” before the examination, at any Certified Examination Centre of the Body, in order to familiarize with the examination process.
  • Full control of their answers to the examinations’ questions.
  • Submission of a complaint or objection on any issue concerning the examination procedure applied by the UCERT Awarding Body.
  • Use of the certificate, issued by the UCERT Body after the successful completion of its certification, anywhere in the Private and / or Public Sector WITHOUT violating the terms that accompany it.
  • Invocation of articles 11 & 12 (“Information” and “Access”, respectively) of no.2472/1997, regarding the collection and processing of their personal information by the UCERT Body.

Complaints – Objections

Any interested party may exercise their right to challenge UCERT’s policy and the procedures it has developed and implemented in accordance with national and international quality standards related to the certification of persons. This dispute can take the form of a simple complaint, an objection, and even an appeal (impeachment).

The submission of the contested application must be done in writing, by name and signed to the UCERT Body using the form E43‑1 “Submission of Dispute”, which exists in the Body’s application. It must also be fully and clearly documented.

If the dispute arises from a certification candidate and concerns the result of the certification examination in which they participated, this person should contact the person in charge of the certified examination center of the Body in which they were examined, in order to start the process of submitting the dispute. The submission is realized by completing form E43‑2 “Submission of Disputed Result”, which is provided to them by the person in charge of the examination centre. The completed form is forwarded by the person in charge of the examination center to the UCERT Body for processing.

Subsequently the Body undertakes checking the dispute of the interested party, acting in accordance to the procedures it has established, during which it may be necessary to be summoned, in order to provide the necessary information, and must inform them of the progress of the procedure and the final conclusion as soon as possible after the works have been completed.