Examinations at UCERT

Examination Procedure

For the Certification Examinations, UCERT Body has developed examination materials based on “case studies”, where candidates are required to act appropriately to achieve the desired results, and “closed type”, where candidates should, e.g., choose from the answers given the one they deem correct (multiple choice questions) or record the answer or fill in the missing text of a sentence (fill in the blanks) or select the correct section of an image (hot spot questions) etc.

During the timeline of each period of a certification examination, candidates must fulfill the requirements of its subject matters, having at the same time the opportunity to check their answers and make corrections prior to the confirmation of completion.

In the event of re-examination, due to failure in a certifications’ module, the examination system developed by the UCERT Body will ensure that the same set of examination materials does not re- appear.

Instructions for participation in the Examination

Individuals who wish to participate in a certification examination must:

  • Contact a certified Examination Centre in the area that serves them, so that the Certification Card can be issued. Finding the right examination centre can be achieved through a search tool available on the UCERT Body website or by contacting the Body directly.
  • Submit the Certification Application, a photocopy of a valid identity card [1] and any additional supporting documents requested to the examination centre for the issuance of the Certification Card. This card either remains kept at the examination centre or is received by the prospective candidates. It contains their personal information, the certification category, the examined cognitive objects, their performance in their examinations, as well as instructions for its use. The card must be presented at each participation in the certification examination conducted by the UCERT Body.
  • Contact a certified examination centre, even a different one from the one where the certification card was issued, at least 48 hours before the certification exams are scheduled to take place, in order to register for them, stating the materials in which they wish to be examined for. Communication and registration can be carried out either by phone or by sending an email to the centre.
  • Arrive to the examination centre in which they declared their participation, by presenting the certification card and the original of the identity card they had shown, as well as a photocopy of which they had submitted with the certification application. Please note that in case of failure, the candidates will be re-examined with the same certification card, following steps 3 and 4.
  • Receive their Certificate from the examination centre, where the Certification Card was issued within a period of maximum ten (10) working days, after their successful participation in the last examined material of the certification requested. Receiving a Certificate from a different examination centre can only be arranged by a request of the examination centre and its approval by the UCERT Body.

[1] Valid proof of identification are considered the following:

– For Greek citizens: ID card or relevant temporary certificate from the competent authority, passport, driver’s license, individual insurance booklet.

– For citizens of a Member State of the European Union: identity card, passport.

– For citizens of countries outside the European Union: entry authorization document, residence permit, work permit.

– For minors: birth certificate with photo and stamp.