UCERTs’ Certification Examination Supervisors’ Register

Certification Examination Supervisors’ Register

UCERTs’ Certification Examination Supervisors Registers’ mission, is to ensure the integrity of the process and the smooth conduct of the examinations, while it is an integral part of the entire systems’ operation. It is staffed by experienced and competent associates who have been selected based on criteria and have received the necessary training from UCERTs’ executives.

Evaluation of prospective Supervisors

Elements that are evaluated during the selection of supervisors are the following:

  • Holding a degree in computer science or other specialties (basic criterion).
  • Specialized education, such as a postgraduate degree in computer science or science (related to computer science) or some other specialty.
  • Proven professional experience in the field of IT or other.
  • Proven teaching experience in the field of computer science or other.
  • Proven experience in exam supervision.
  • Continuing professional training / education and / or certification, such as seminars, certification of knowledge / skills etc.


Certification Examination Supervisors Obligations

The obligations of the certification exams supervisors are the following:

  • Integrity and consistency in the performance of the certification examinations they have undertaken to supervise.
  • Inspection of the examination centre and the examination area prior the examinations’ conduction.
  • Identity check of all the participants in the examination.
  • Ensuring the integrity of the examination process.
  • Compliance with the general supervision regulations and the special guidelines established by the Body.
  • Immediately informing the Manager of the Bodys’ Certification Exams for any issue that endangers the integrity of the examination, as well as the end of the examination.
  • Diligent and proper compliance to all forms of the examination procedure.