D GROUP Education and Certification Group was created not just to gain a place in the industry. It was designed by people with vision, principles, values and profound experience, able to support the new generation, as well as anyone who seeks the knowledge and skills to build their own future.

Those who want to make their dreams come true, to work in the area that always appealed to them. To hone the craft that inspires them and certify their knowledge and abilities.

The founder of the group, Dr Dimitrios Derpanis, backed from the experience of the very successful endeavor of Unicert, has decided to start anew and proceed with a new business venture, creating D GROUP and leading it to the top of the field. In this project, he is accompanied by 77 executives, experienced and dedicated, capable of winning this creative bet.

D GROUP’s activities are taking place in two campuses, covering a total of 3,000 square meters. The first campus is located in Rethymnou 1A street, next to the Archaeological Museum, while the second campus operates in the historic building on Akadimias 98-100, next to Kaniggos Square.