UCERT The Dominant Leader

Dear Partners,

Our company’s main goal has always been to be vigorously involved in certification, education and vocational training activities. Through hard and persistent work, the dedication to achieving our goals and the undivided support and help of our partners, we managed to conquer the peak over and over again. Still,  for all of us at UCERT, the concept of the top has taken on… another dimension. We are constantly improving, growing, considering the needs of our partners and developing; We develop new services, new opportunities and set new goals. Together with YOU, OUR PARTNERS, OUR PEOPLE.

We are pleased to inform you that the evaluation procedures of our certification body have been successfully completed by ESYD after the submission for evaluation of new certification schemes. UCERT is now ..BY FAR..  the LEADING HUMAN RESOURCES CERTIFICATION BODY in a number of accredited certification schemes by ESYD (193 up to now). Finally, within the next six months, our Body is aiming to submit for evaluation more than 46 certification schemes while with their successful evaluation, the final number of accredited schemes will exceed 250, thus completing the first cycle of accreditations.

Until then ……………… The best are yet to come…